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1 Piece 160g Bar Gift Box

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Strawberry & Chocolate (SC160W-1)

Lemon Swirl (L160W)

Creme Brulee (CB160W)

Jelly Tip (JT196W)

Salted Caramel (SC160W)

Tiramisu (T160W)

Chilli Chocolate (CHI160W)

Unicorn Fudge (U160W)

Red Velvet (RV160W)

Orange and Chocolate Swirl (OC160W)

Raspberry and Creme Swirl (RC160W)

Bailey's Irish Crème (BI160W)

Chocolate (C160W)

Coconut Ice (CI160W)

Coffee Caramel (CCA160W)

Double Chocolate (DC160W)

Pineapple & Chocolate (PAC160W)

Passionfruit (P160W)

Maple Walnut (MW160R)

Rum and Raisin (RR160W)

Russian (R160W)

Mint and Chocolate Swirl (MC160W)

Bailey's & Chocolate (BCH160W)

Caramel and Chocolate Swirl (CAC160W)

Cookies n Cream (CC160W)

Cappuccino (CA160W)

Butterscotch (BS160W)


About the 1 Piece 160g Bar Gift Box

Pick any 1 flavour to make this lovely box a complete package. What an awesome surprise for a loved one.

We guarantee that our Fudges will arrive at you Fresh from the Kitchen!

Don’t hesitate – browse the vast range of flavours, choose your favourite and purchase now!

We also accept orders via email at or through phone, dial 0800 FUDGES (0800 383 437).


Nutrition Information:

Fudge will remain luscious for 6 months. Do not refrigerate.


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